Sexy Lingerie

I remember the first time I had sex like it was just yesterday. It was with my on my 18th birthday around midnight. I sneaked out the window after everyone in the house fell asleep. I got in his car and he drove me to his place. I was a little scared because I knew that it hurt the first time you have sex. I told him to go slow because I was a virgin. I wore my shorts and T-shirts and nothing else. I followed him up to his bedroom and we got under his covers. I remember him having a big comfortable bed. I could feel him kiss me on the neck and he was quite gentle. I couldn’t believe how good he was. I’m glad he was gentle because I wanted the sex to last for a long time. I was hoping that I did orgasm so I knew what it felt like to cum. My boyfriend bought me some black lingerie to wear for him. We did a lot of foreplay and I liked every minute of it.

The best part was when he ate me out. I loved the way that big tongue felt as it was going in my tight teenage pussy. I didn’t want him to stop so he ended up doing it for about 30 minutes. It was like being in heaven when he swirled that tongue all against my clit. MMM, it’s making me horny now just thinking about it. I’m so ready to tell you everything that happened that night on our call together!

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